September 17, 2010

One of the most amazing 92 year old men I’ve ever met! My wife and I made a trip this week to Hilo where we had the privilege of meeting Chuck. Not only is he on the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame board, won 70 some medals in track in his 80′s, takes care of 5 acres of land by himself but he also is one of the happiest old men. I learned a lot in 3hrs being with Chuck and when asked what the secret is to staying so fresh and healthy at 92? Chuck replies “I never want to be a grumpy old man and I try hard never to be”. A wise bit of advise for anyone in life no matter how old you are. After a “few” stories and some photos he even treated my wife and I to lunch at IHOP! Seriously an inspiration for me and I really enjoy being around older generations and grandparent aged people like Chuck. I think with age there is a real sence of what is important in life. Chuck has a great smile, and he has not necessarily had an easy life but he has made the most of every opportunity given to him and that for me was a big inspiration! Enjoy a few pics and don’t forget to take a bit of time with the older people in your life. They won’t be around forever! Hawaii Business Magazine will feature Chuck and more on his life so check it out in the next issue. Mahalo Chuck for sharing with us!

  • camilla

    Josh I loooooved this. The pictures are so heartwarming,and so alive!! you are so good at capturing emotions in your work!! and the truths you shared are tucked in my heart. I so agree. They who have walked a little further – how wise we would be to spend time with them and learn. I also loved to see you and Miho with this gentleman. Tears popping a bit – we miss you guys so so much. We are still living on your visit;-) You guys are amazing – really amazing. Bunches of love and hugs from us all!

  • Love the photo with him holding the ‘Running at 89′ article. Nice work, Joshee!

  • Carolyn Lucas-Zenk

    Awwww! These photos made my heart melt. What an amazing man.