J+M: We see life as art and we want to capture moments in a way that inspires joy. Our Photography approaches life in a spontaneous way because we believe that richness is often found in learning to embrace the unexpected.

It is a privilege to work with and find out who you are in the little amount of time that we spend together. You are a one of a kind and so will be your photographs. We use our experience and expertise in photography to create images that are unique, beautiful and something that will last forever.

We take utmost respect in doing this job while making each session light and fun for you. Hope you will read the testimonials from our past clients to prove our words.

Thanks for visiting our website, and hope you enjoy our blog as well! To get to know a little more in depth about our experience and background in photography, please read below.

Education/Experience: Josh has a BA in Photography/Mass media combined with a broad international and diverse cultural experience. Prior to starting Fletch Photography in Hawaii in 2006, Josh worked in mainland US with several companies, which has given him hands-on education in Studio/Commercial Photography, Publication/Editorial work as well as being one of the lead photographers for a Colorado based Wedding Photography company. He has also served for one year as a lead photographer for a non-profit organization in Africa.

Miho has taken an intensive 6-month photography class with Josh in 2002, which since then, she has developed an eye for artistic design and composition throughout her pursuit of a Bachelors degree in fine art. She has experience in illustration, graphic design & gallery design. She also traveled and studied around the world and learned to appreciate different cultures and people. She has interest in all things creative including Cooking, Baking, Crocheting/Knitting, Sewing & Interior Design.

We edit all of our own work from capturing it to when you receive the final product. We believe that you don’t just hire us to take the photos but you also hire us as artists which means we put our custom touches on every photo you receive. 80% of being a photographer is how you edit and we take that very serious. We strive to learn and grow as photographers and are very picky about our end product that our clients receive. We have over 300weddings under our belt and also a lot of experience in portrait, commercial and editorial work.We love people, we like taking photos and we are blessed to do what we do. If our work connects with you, it’s likely we would successfully make a good fit. Call us or send us an email for more package information, pricing or just to find out more about us. We strive to make your investment in our photography services special, unique and fun!